Benefits of drinking water

Water is an essential nutrient of the body because 45 of the body weight is water. Humans can live for several weeks without food. But it can be only a few days if the water. Water acts as the primary solvent for digested food. There are no specific daily doses. Because each person’s water loss is different. In general, drinking about eight glasses a day is good for health.

For the elderly, it is rarely thirsty. Even when the body needs it. Coffee and alcohol are often dehydrated. And do not count these as the amount of water to drink each day, including milk. Because milk is food. So do not think that drinking milk will replace drinking water. Lactating women may need more water than usual. Because of the loss of water in the milk. Or if you have the flu. You should try to drink plenty of water. To prevent dehydration. And to help drive the waste out of the body. People with dark yellow urine may indicate that your body needs more water.

For those who take aspirin, ibuprofen, antibiotics, you should drink plenty of water because these drugs will cause gastric irritation. You should not drink water from the tap. Because hot water may dissolve the lead from the pipe. Or for those who live in the water. You may need to get more calcium and magnesium. You should not take plastic water bottles to freeze. It will make dioxins. (Carcinogenic) Out of plastic! And for those who have a water pipe as a lead. Health care agencies in the area should analyze the water condition. Because the pH is not correct, it can dissolve the lead from the pipe.

Benefits of drinking water

  1. Benefits of drinking water Help skin look healthy with water. Shine bright
  2. Adds a refreshing body.
  3. Increases blood flow. Balance in the body
  4. Increases relaxation.
  5. Water helps the brain work better and better.
  6. Helps to concentrate more. Those in school should pay attention.
  7. Reduce bad breath.
  8. Water helps prevent wrinkles. It helps to prevent our skin dry.
  9. Keeps your eyes vibrant.
  10. Help add moisture to the skin
  11. Help to slow down. The cells in the body do not dehydrate. And work as usual.
  12. Allows different joints. The body works better. Easy to move
  13. Did you know that water is a beautiful medicine, even if you do not see the results, but can help treat many diseases?
  14. Water reduces migraine headaches and migraines more or less. Migraine patients if the body is not enough water or not enough. Problems may be more severe.
  15. Help in digestion Because the digestive system functions adequately. It also helps prevent acid reflux as well.
  16. For those who constipation. Water is a great necessity.
  17. Water contributes to weight loss. By reducing the appetite before eating it.
  18. Eating at least eight glasses of water will help reduce the amount of fat in our body.
  19. Helps the heart to function regularly and effectively.
  20. Reduce stress. For those in working age, it is essential. Do not stress until you forget to drink water!
  21. Water helps reduce the temperature in our body. Help keep the body temperature constant.
  22. Water can help create an excellent immunity to your skin. It also protects the germs that enter the body as well.
  23. Reduce back pain or ligament.
  24. Help reduce pain.

Drinking water properly. Drink water if it is good to be ordinary water. Not very hot or cold. However, except in some cases, such as morning, if possible, drink warm water as it will help to sweat better. The intestines will be cleaner as well.

Drinking is right. Drink at least eight glasses a day, or 14 glasses a day. Or, on average, drink enough water for your weight. If you weigh 60 kg, drink at least 2 liters a day. About ten glasses of it (this includes other quantities, such as water from vegetables, fruits, curry noodles). In the morning after waking up or before brushing your teeth, drink 2-4 glasses of warm water, it will be excellent.

During the day, drink one glass of water before and after every meal, and during the late afternoon, drink one glass of water. During the first bed, a glass of warm water will be excellent. Drinking water should drink one glass at a time. And importantly, do not drink several glasses, because it is not good for the body. This may cause “Water is toxic.” Benefits of water Do not drink too much water before eating. Or drink it before drinking for about half an hour or 45 minutes. During the meal, do not drink water at all times. Because of the gastric juice in the dilution. The system does not work well. After eating, do not drink immediately. Because of the gastric juice in the stomach. As a result, digestion does not work. Should drink after eating half an hour. Avoid drinking cold water and soft drinks. Because cold water will pull the heat in the body to make the water we drink, the body temperature is absorbed. The body wastes time was balancing and losing energy. For some women who have menstrual pain. The menstrual period should not drink cold water. Because drinking cold water will make the pain more intense.