Book Review of The Perfect Match

Book Review of The Perfect Match

Honor Holland manages Blue Heron Vineyards, her family’s winery, as well as is the gum that holds everyone together. She is the logical, responsible daughter, the sister who listens, the granddaughter who watches over her aging grandparents, as well as the best friend who assumes everyone is honest alongside her. What Honor doesn’t know how to make is accept the attention of her ain needs, merely she’s content.

Mechanical engineer, as well as college professor Tom Barlow, is inwards the United United States for one crucial reason: Charlie, his unofficial stepson. He left his dwelling inwards England to remain connected to the boy. Despite Tom’s efforts, however, Charlie wants nil to make alongside him, preferring instead to sulk as well as clothing lots of black.

“Can you please become a move on here? We’re going to bed when Dancing with the Stars is over.” The eggs supply many laugh-out-loud moments for readers to enjoy.

Another fun expression of this book is the relationships between Honor’s father as well as the housekeeper, Mrs. J. together with between her grandparents, Goggy and Pops. Dad and Mrs. J. deed similar a pair of teenagers, sneaking about as well as frequently getting caught. Goggy as well as Pops central then many biting barbs it’s hard to continue mark merely slowly to wishing they were your ain grandparents. The manner Honor interacts alongside these family unit members besides adds to her overall likability.

Let’s not forget Honor’s ex, Brogan Cain, as well as her “best friend,” Dana Hoffman. A classic self-centered jerk as well as a me-first friend, Brogan and Dana make readers promise for Honor’s happily always subsequently even more. These two supporting characters supply ample motivation for Honor to accept chances and realize that she deserves her in happiness.

The hero of The Perfect Match is where this story is a bit lacking. Tom Barlow is supposed to be a charming British professor, but he just doesn’t come up across equally that I-have-a-British-accent-and-everything-I-say-sounds-hot type of guy. The “mates” and “loves” that are tacked on to his lines of dialogue don’t add together to his Britishness. In fact, they audio forced.

Overall, alongside its form of characters, many from The Best Man, the beginning volume in the Blue Heron Series, The Perfect Match is the perfect fit for readers who beloved large families as well as humor.