Carbon Focus Cayo 7.0

After I started cycling Merida Ride 100 about 1 thousand miles. I began to change the bike to a budget of 40,000 baht to wash the first one is aimed at the Trek Alr 5-6, but I did not find the size of all the shops close to me. Giant Propel Advanced 2 for sale at a price of 45,000 baht, I managed to ride for two days, it appears that the bike is noisy. I was asked for money is his brother. I was lucky enough to find a good one. Then I started to be amazed by carbon. I ride for two days, and it is different from the aluminum car like this. I can not go back to aluminum. I asked my wife to reduce the budget. I was shocked by the wife’s approval as smoothly as never before. Finding the first carbon bike in my life began.

My first choice is

  • Giant Propel Advanced 2 (2016)
  • BMC SLR03
  • Ridley Fenix SL (2016)
  • Focus Cayo 7

The problem is Focus Cayo 7, 2016, it has risen to another 3,000 baht, the importer reason that it is based on the price of 55,000 baht, must be a lot imported in 2015, which is not available, but the size XS. Size S has started negotiations with discount stores. Discount up to 57,000 baht with another shop not reduce the baht, but …. Get a Dynamic Fitting worth 5,000 Baht Free one course, what are you waiting for? Summary of the payment to 58,000 baht with the fit and get home. 105 not full group with the frame weight of 8 at 45,000 sold separately, I do not think much about the front plate and brakes are missing.

After the ride, compared to the Giant Propel Advance 2, I must admit that the Propel is more focused, but the Focus is softer, but both are too heavy for me to hit. Standing rocking from 0-30 up, very sensitive to sit up from 30 up to 40 comfortable flowing around the gear. Holding at 38 39 40 to go on smooth floating soft ride here through the bar, the road in the middle of the way through this comfortable. Do not light it. If you have a car, you will not be able to use it. Really?