Marketing through Facebook

If you think about doing Social Media Marketing that will give you the best results at this time, it is not inevitable Facebook because it has the highest user base in the world. It can also be targeted to the most profound and most detailed ads. The following is easy to remember tips to help your marketing on the fan page. And stick to your future ad firing process.

1. Know the right audience of your business. Before you post content or advertise on Facebook, it is essential that you know it. Targeted to become Be your customer, such as gender, age, housing, workplace, lifestyle, interests, hobbies, liking, income, etc.

  1. Add a button to share articles on the website to Facebook. The first thing to take into account. The site is your main home page. Facebook or Social Media other hands to rent. So if you are going to invade online, You need to have a website first. Then you start the content. Whether it is an article, a video on the site. Make it easy to install buttons to share with other social media, such as the top and bottom of Content. But do not forget that your content must be beneficial to your target audience. And it will make your target audience start sharing it on the social network.

  2. Engage with Facebook fans in the same industry. It’s a simple but effective way. I need to understand that. To the comments of fans of other people. It must not be spam or sell entirely. But it needs to exchange information that is beneficial to each other. For example, If you operate a second-hand car. You may comment or contribute to the fan page about the car. To talk or exchange information. And to emphasize that the sale is strictly prohibited.

  3. Using the Email List on hand. If you have collected email from site visitors and customer information then what it is. You can upload them. On Facebook to advertise this group of email is the advantage is the email of these people. Get to know you so well or know it so well. As email. Your old customers have already subsidized your products. The time you leave a new product. Can advertise to show only old customers. This will give you the opportunity to close the sale. Your higher While spending less on advertising.

  4. Make videos with Facebook Live Making videos through Facebook Live is a new function that Facebook provides people with faster and easier access to Facebook Live. Both advantages and disadvantages are different. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Live. If you are recording video in the function Facebook Live, it will be live. At that moment, you can interact directly with your fans. This will keep your fans close to you and your business. You are more. Facebook also encourages people to use this function. It is noticeable if the video from Facebook Live is accessible to people. More than other types of content and advertising costs are also lower. Compare the amount paid to reach people on Facebook.

  5. Use Facebook ads to accelerate performance. Of course, the business would not be able to use marketing budgets. At present, many companies have turned to the budget. Online marketing stands out from traditional marketing. Facebook Advert (Facebook Advertising Tool) has many functions for you to choose. Such as

Facebook Page Engagement is a Boost Post to increase engagement with posts you’ve posted on your Fan Page Timeline.

Facebook Page Likes Added on Fan Page If your fan base is more significant, how much? It also increases the chances of seeing your content and products or services.

Click to Website Send People To Website Whether it be an article page or a Sales Page, to increase the number of visitors to the site, and to expect results in the closure of the web-based E-Commerce Shopping Cart system.

Website Conversions Send People To Your Website Pages To let people do something like close sales, subscribe to news. Or sign up for membership.

App Installs sends ads to make people install more apps.

App Engagement sends more people to the app.

Event Responses allow people to participate in events that your fan page or brand is hosting.

Offer Claims creates ads to send special offers to people to get the offers your fan page offers.