Quality sleep

Sleep is the best and indispensable resting place as we need to eat every day. Nowadays, many people have less sleep time. I have to wake up early to leave home to work. I will return home after sunset. I have to do so many activities each day. Default shortens relaxation time.

Sleep is a time when organs. The body is resting. Cardiovascular system You do not have to exert a lot of pressure to pump blood into your body parts, including the time it takes to repair the worn parts. A balance of chemicals. It is the brain that compiles information. And store it as a category. The brain is remembered and developed. If insufficient sleep will cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes. High Blood Pressure It affects the nervous system, memory, and the risk of accidents while driving. And may lose the efficiency of work.

We would have heard that. Sleep too long, such as sleeping more than 12 hours when waking instead of refreshing. But found to feel tired. Sometimes a nap during the lunch break. It is more stimulating to think that it is because of the number of hours to stay. Relationship with a quality of stay. Some people sleep for hours, but they do not sleep well. The body will rest, feel tired than the person who sleeps. Even though the hours of sleep are less, it is better to sleep. Sleep quality is essential. Maybe more than the number of hours I sleep. You have problems sleeping. Sleep better And feel refreshed after waking up to try it. Because during exercise, the body is metabolizing energy and releasing hormones. The body is awake. Muscles are used. And fat breakdown under the skin. Especially aerobic exercise. It makes the heart beat faster. Circulatory system improved. Oxygen is distributed to various parts of the body. As a result, people who go to bed immediately after exercise. Sleep not Poor quality sleep Because the body is awake until it weakens the next day. If not enough rest.

  • Do not play IT equipment and bed and bedtime equipment, if needed, should be at least 30 minutes before bedtime. For example, mobile phones, iPhones, and iPhones are devices that directly affect brain waves. Make sleep more difficult or not sleep. Especially those who have difficulty sleeping should take 2-3 hours before bedtime. To relax the brain before going to bed. It helps to rest and sleep faster.

  • go to sleep and wake up time Do not do mental stimulation before bedtime. Like watching horror movies, reading stressed books, etc., to sleep and wake up time. To make the body routine. And the brain system is fixed. It’s like we have to train a baby or a baby to sleep. In addition to helping children develop well. It also promotes the development and development of intellect and learning well.

  • The sleeping environment that promotes sleep. This is important first. But tell the latter. If this technique is not available, other things will go down immediately. The environment is light, the smell, the weather, the atmosphere that promotes the comfort of sleeping is as important as the preparation of the race for the athlete. Turn off the light completely or dim the light to the light. The atmosphere is not hot nor too cold. Noise and noise. And last but not least is the bed and mattress. Sleep well then. Good mattress Stay with us and support our body and physique all night. Relaxation It may be more expensive clothing or some amenities. It has great value and benefits. To help us restfully. Sleep well quality of course.

  • Before sleep, do not smoke, drink caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, cocoa and all kinds of alcohol. Nicotine and caffeine have a direct effect on insomnia because caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system. If the body gets more than 150 mg per day, it will make it difficult to sleep. Sleep deprivation and shorter sleep intervals (if the average three in one coffee pack contains caffeine, approximately 83-122.48 mg). Alcohol affects the sleep system. Many people believe that alcohol helps sleep. Because alcohol has a nervous effect. It will cause drowsiness when drinking early. Then, when alcohol enters the body, it is metabolized by the liver. A new chemical called ethanol that reduces sleep quality. Very drinkable people will have a secret wake up. When to drink long. I have a sleepless nightmare. Alcohol addicts become alcoholics and other complications until liver cancer follows.

  • Avoid heavy meals before bed 2 hours. Including drinks in large quantities. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest because of the range of sleep. The body must work hard to understand the food we eat. We do not sleep well. If hunger really should be warm milk or light meals, easy digestion before bed is best. And should brush the teeth. Urinate before bed It helps to sleep comfortably. Do not wake up in the middle of the night.

  • Do not exercise before going to sleep. But should use every day. And at least 3 hours from bedtime.

How to sleep

Back pain is another essential cause that many people do not sleep. How to sleep lying down, lying down, lying on the right, how to relax, how to sleep comfortably when waking up. If you do not want to wake up with back pain. It is recommended that you sleep by maintaining the backbone of the body. No matter where you lie in any position.

  • Sleep on one’s side The side that will make you no back pain is. To lie on your side. Bent to the front slightly Then take the pillow or pillow to stand between the two legs, it is easy to sleep a pillow. To prevent the twisting of the hip. Sleeping in this way will help prevent back pain or hip pain. For pillows used to support the head, should choose a pillow with a thickness equal to the width of the shoulder. To be able to support the neck and head better.

  • lie supine For those who like to sleep. Should find a pillow under the knee. It does not require a very high pillow. In order to help maintain your backbone in the normal. In addition, you may use a small towel roll. Support the neck to accommodate the gap between the neck and the pillow. This type of sleep will help relieve the pain.

  • lie on the tummy Sleeping in this position will cause your back to be heavy load. Because the spine is lean. In addition, sleeping in this position will cause neck pain easily. And also the pressure on your chest and abdomen. This will result in difficulty breathing. But if you have to sleep in this position really. Try a thick cloth or a soft pillow. Lie to the pelvis and lower abdomen. And head pillows are not very high. I will be sleeping right way. Mattress with a pillow to support the head is not less important. Because these two will help the back of your neck and head all the time, you sleep. It also supports and distributes your body weight. So a good mattress should be smooth and firm. It must not be too hard. It will make you feel comfortable when sleeping. A good pillow should be a pillow that can support the curve on the neck. And not too high or too low. It is good to sleep.

How to make the fresh morning

When waking up in the morning. I feel so rested and feel better than yesterday. When washing in the morning. I touch my skin and feel different from usual. When traveling to work, I think my feet are comfortable. These moments of comfort are indicative of the night. How do you sleep? Skin and sleep are closely related. The brain produces growth hormone while we sleep. Especially when we are deeply asleep, what is the effect of the hormone on you? Growth hormone stimulates the metabolism. Including repair and regeneration of the body tissue to the muscles. Sufficient sleep is important. However, our daily life is full of change. Having a family means waking up very early. And sometimes You may find that you do not sleep until 2 am because of the DVD, but there is good news for women in this modern society. The first 3 hours of sleep can make you fall asleep. Your body will release hormone.

The best moments of sleep

Sleeping is one of the factors critical to our lives. We are often implanted from a child that should sleep 8-10 hours a day to be called full sleep. But many people still feel that even though they sleep a lot. Or sleep all day. But the body still feels tired. This is because our sleep is a quality that Believe that if our rest is of sufficient quality. We will spend only 4-5 hours to be enough to repair the body. And the energy to use for the next day. But the problem is that quality sleep is how it? The quality hormone is the secretion of growth hormones, which hormones are secreted when we sleep the most. Growth hormones, in addition to promoting growth for children, then adults. A hormone to help. Body repair Relaxation Stress And slow down aging as well. The way to help our body secretion Growth hormones out as much as possible. “Controlling sleep time” because of the factors that will make our sleep quality is the “time” from midnight to 4 that growth hormones will emit the most. But it will come out when we fall asleep, so going to bed at midnight will not work. If we want to create quality sleep, we should sleep between 4-5 pm, and before this time, we should find something relaxing, not stress, not excited, do not need much energy. To prepare to go to sleep. And it is easy to fall asleep. The process of creating quality sleep may seem easy. Just go to bed at 4 pm, sleep at midnight, but actually in the early days, even if we go to bed at the planned time. Our bodies may also not produce growth hormones. Because our collection is used to the same everyday life, to create quality sleep, we must practice sleeping time to be habits. Going to sleep since 4-5 sleeps after midnight. And wake up in the morning. Do this for a while, and the body will be accustomed to rest and quality sleep.