Reasons for buying online

Why do most people nowadays prefer to shop online?

At present, most people like to buy a lot of online. Of course, almost no one ever uses the website. Or an application to browse the product online. But the reason for the purchase. This channel is similar and different for each person. From surveying online shoppers to the question of whether “Why do you shop online?” The five main reasons that make people buy online are the price, convenience, time, transportation and demand.

First, 26.09% have the opinion that the benefits of online products are: The price is lower than the store. And often, sellers often offer exclusive discounts for online purchase channels. Secondly, 21.74% said that online shopping could compare many kinds of products more efficiently than buying in stores. Because buyers can compare products in the same store. And other stores to choose the cheapest and most quality products for themselves.

While 19.57% agree that online shopping helps buyers save time. Due to the current technology. And various application systems make websites and applications available for online merchants. Many buyers can easily shop. It takes time to get to the store.

Regarding convenience, one of the reasons why shoppers prefer online shopping is that 17.39% of online shoppers prefer online shopping. Delivery to home delivery. Or work unnecessarily. Need to shop at the store. The service from the seller itself can arrange to receive goods at a convenient location. Also, there are services from the growing shipping business in many companies.

And the reason for the final ranking is 15.22%. Some buyers need to buy goods from abroad. Now our world can be connected. Not just communication. It also includes transportation. For this reason, buyers can choose to buy products from abroad, both in Thailand and overseas. Inquiries from overseas travelers and short online sales. This method allows the buyer to order goods easily. No need to waste money and time to travel to buy yourself.

So, from this study. It is undeniable why online shopping is so popular nowadays. Globalization, both Internet technology, and transportation. Helping people’s lives is essential. More comfortable It also connects people and businesses around the world.

How to buy online?

There are now a lot of people. Buy more products online. The number of entrepreneurs who trade online has also increased steadily. And there are cheating events to make purchases. Online? Especially Furby products through social media. Online shopping tips are available online.

Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. The current online world is a critical factor in the lifestyle of the new generation. We can not deny that. Online media has influenced us all the time. From morning to bed. People in all fields are also using the speed and convenience of the online world. The popularity is widespread. It can make people know us or our products as widely as selling products online. It’s the most popular sale. It is comfortable to live. Because shopping online. I do not have to sound time to buy a product. You have to sit on the net and place orders online just this can buy.

Advantages of Buying Online

Easy to buy.
Save time
Do not have to travel far to buy.
Can know the product immediately.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Can not know the defect of the product.
Transportation is likely to be damaged.
I do not believe that cheating.
I do not have to wait.
I have to pay for shipping costs.