Tips to Maintain Virgin Hair and Their Benefits You should know about

Virgin hair is donated past a private living individual that is not chemically processed, styled or colored than that they own the natural qualities and experience 100% natural alongside your hair. They are frequently directly equally they are not permed earlier use. In simple words, they are precisely the same which was on the donor’s head.

This is the first thing that the salon professionals will tell you. Water washes away the protein and leaves marks in the hair. Doing so allows the keratin to fuse into the hair shafts, and thus helps, in maintaining the longevity of the treatment. Do not shampoo or go swimming for at least three days after the procedure. This also means that you cannot sweat it out in a gym for the specified period.

However, as I finally understood why this routine was necessary, I haven’t complained ever since. I have thin, yet wavy hair (deadly combination, no pun intended) which makes styling such a tedious job for me. But a few years ago, I came across a hairstylist who suggested I should get perms in my hair. And I kept thinking to myself, are there any perms for women with thin hair? Weren’t perms supposed to be done on thick, coarse hair?

Also, to get curly and permed hair, adopt natural or less wary methods that don’t affect the hair very much. For example, to get curls, instead of permanent methods or harsh heating equipment, use temporary methods. Just braid or twirl your damp hair and pin it for a night to get short curls without damaging the natural beauty.

For Dry Hair

Massage a coin-sized amount of shea butter on the scalp and in damp hair, after shampooing it. It is recommended to do it on a clean scalp. Wrap hair with a warm towel for 15 minutes. Remove towel, hand comb first, and then style as desired. This treatment will revitalize hair.

For Normal to Oily Hair

Take one part melted shea butter and mixed it with a quarter part of an extra virgin olive oil and stir thoroughly. Pour the content into a jar, and massage in scalp and hair, at least six hours before shampooing. You can add 5 ml of shea butter into a 50 ml shampoo bottle, to get its moisturizing goodness every time you shampoo.