Why You Should Have a Relapse Prevention Plan

Early Relapse Warning Signs: Why You Should Have a Relapse Prevention Plan The battle against addiction never ends – even once you’ve reached recovery. As much of a relief as it is to get clean and start transforming your life, you always have to remember there is a chance that you relapse.

Creating a listing of action steps you tin follow when you experience the temptation to function drugs is crucial to staying sober. This becomes your go-to resources when you operate into a person from your by or stop upwards in a stressful state of affairs in which Y’all previously would accept used drugs to handle.

  1. To Understand When You Need to Ask for Help, You can’t remain sober on your own. There are going to live times when you all necessitate to inquire for help, as well as the sooner you do, the better. Your relapse prevention design can offer assistance you sympathize the deviation between a minor hurdle you can overcome as well as a significant challenge that you necessitate to confront alongside the aid of others. There’s no shame in reaching out to loved ones when you experience the require to function again. This is one of the best things you can make to improve forestall yourself from falling into a night home again.

  2. To Go Back to the Basics of Recovery Once you place the early on signs of a relapse, you accept to function on correcting them. The best manner to make this is to dorsum to the basics of drug recovery. Write a listing of all the things that helped you during your procedure to become clean. Then, plow those actions as well as a resource into everyday parts of your life. You shouldn’t end meditating merely because you’ve checked out of your recovery center, or throw your mag away because you intend your demons are inwards the past. When temptation strikes, it’s these small, elementary actions that are going to continue you on the correct path. Avoiding them as well as forgetting the tools you’ve learned inwards recovery volition entirely Pb you dorsum to where you started. Before you know it, you’ll love checking into a home similar Taylor Recovery Center once again unless you stick to the teachings you learned your beginning recovery process inwards.

  3. To Better Identify Early Signs of Relapsing

The thing about relapsing is that it doesn’t happen out of the blue. It takes a long time for the small temptations and early signs of relapsing to add up and lead you back to the bottle

As such, it’s on you to identify when certain things come up in your life and figure out ways to handle them healthily. You can’t risk pushing loved ones away or bottling up the emotions you feel. This will only get in the form of the progress you’ve been making, and eventually, lead to relapsing.

The Relapse Prevention Plan

Here are some ideas for what to include in your plan. Triggers

People, places and things that trigger cravings
How to avoid triggers
How to manage high risk situations that cannot be avoided

Managing Cravings


Useful Tools

Gratitude list
Relaxation techniques
Stress management techniques
People to call when you have cravings or stress
Mental and physical wellness

Recovery Program

12 Step work
Moral inventory/character defects
Ways to make amends

Life Improvement

Family relationships
Spousal/significant other relationship
Legal issues
Basic needs
Mental health